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Itzy Ritzy Power Pod tuttilaukku Coffee & Cream


This pacifier case keeps pacifiers clean and within reach at all times. Our convertible carrying strap allows you to hold the case using a handle or wear it as a wristlet. You can also use the strap to secure the case to a diaper bag, purse, belt loop, car seat handle or stroller. The interior is easy to clean and comfortably stores and protect two pacifiers, and the zipper closure ensures they will stay in place. This pacifier case coordinates with our multiple styles of matching diaper bags, and can be used to store and carry a variety of items when your baby no longer uses pacifiers. The Power Pod™ pacifier case by Itzy Ritzy is your functional and fashionable solution to staying organized on the go!


  • Coordinates with diaper bag styles
  • Two unique ways to snap the handle
  • Several uses after your kids have grown out of pacifiers
  • Versatile strap can be used as a wristlet or handheld purse with a secure snap closure
  • Easy to clean interior to protect two pacifiers


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